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Unfortunately, the vast majority of homeowners are under the illusion that stucco is not a suitable exterior cladding due to the many remediation projects happening at present. But we at Grant Construction Inc have the experience and the knowledge for the correct installation to ensure a long-lasting exterior cladding system. We install full stucco drainage systems. We know how water moves and how to prevent any problems from ever arising. Choose with confidence when you choose a professional stucco company like Grant Construction Inc.



Below is a break down of a stucco installation project.


  1. Equipment arrival and safely erect a safe working platform to OSHA standards.

  2. Ensure a smooth substrate so there is no potential for tears in the wrb (water resistant barrier).

  3. Installation of drain screed.

  4. Installation of a wrb paper (water resistant barrier).

  5. Installation of key flashing details. (sill pan flashing, head flashings on doors/windows and penetrations, kickout flashing, deck ledger flashing etc).

  6. Installation of rain screen. 6mm or 10mm depending on project specifications.

  7. Installation of accessories (casing beads, stop beads, expansion joints etc).

  8. Installation of 2.5 galvanized self-furring wire lathe.

  9. Applying a 3/8” Portland cement scratch coat.

  10. Applying a 3/8” Portland cement brown coat.

  11. Applying a 1/8” finish coat. (textured stucco, dryvit finish)

  12. Caulking all casing beads.

  13. Safely dismantling of working platform.

  14. Final project clean up and walk through.

Grant Construction Inc. has a rigorous system for all flashing details. Flashing details are a key component in the exterior cladding system. Many stucco remediation problems arise from no flashing details or poorly installed flashing details. The key flashing details are window/door head flashing, sil pan flashing, penetration flashings (hose bibs, light fixtures, electrical outlets, vents etc), kickout diverter flashing, deck ledger flashing and sil plate flashing.

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