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Stucco Remediation



Our main professional service is stucco remediation in Delaware County, Chester County and all the surrounding areas. We know all too well the damage and despair water infiltration and moisture damage can do to a family and to their home. 

We work with homeowners, explaining to them why they currently have such issues and we then walk the homeowner through the steps that we take to complete a stucco remediation project.



Unfortunately stucco homes that have been built within the past 20 years are at a very high risk of needing stucco remediation. These stucco homes have these problems and issues for several different reasons.

  • Contractors cutting corners 

  • Contractors installing inferior materials 

  • Contractors not understanding water and moisture management

  • The incorrect installation or no installation of key flashing details

  • Poor stucco installation due to workmanship

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